Our Core Values

Trust: TRUST is first and foremost.  TRUST breeds loyalty.  We work towards TRUST in everything we do.  TRUST requires ethics, integrity, accountability and respects.

Passion: PASSION is our fuel.  PASSION takes commitment, drive and positive energy.  At CONDEV we have our hearts in our business and our business in our hearts.

Family and Community: Our community matters, our people matter and our children’s future matters. Helping one person might not change the world but it might change the world for one person.

Australian Spirit: As Australians we recognise that individual achievement rarely occurs without a helping hand from others. The AUSTRALIAN SPIRIT is one of mateship and a fair go for all.

Adaptable to Change:   At Condev we embrace CHANGE because CHANGE allows us to evolve, improve, grow and stay relevant.  We focus our energy not on fighting the old but on adapting to the new.