At Condev, we consider ourselves to be very entrench within our local communities, something which drives and influences our corporate culture.

We take care of people: our team, our subcontractors and our clients. Our aim is to make a difference to others on a personal level. We expect that through people’s involvement with us, that their lives (at work and at home) will improve long term. We believe that the trust we offer is non-negotiable and can create positive change that touches families and generations.

We are actively involved in the community as individuals and as a company. We have a strong belief that by giving to those less fortunate we will have a thriving prosperous community and this will provide a strong environment for our business to grow.

We encourage our staff to bring forward causes which they are passionate about. The initiatives include sponsorship, donations and giving up our time to support local clubs, schools, disadvantaged individuals and community charities.

The medium we use for undertaking these activities is through our Condev Cares banner. Condev Cares is our internal committee which drives charitable initiatives within our business and local community. The process is underway to have Condev Cares registered as a benevolent organisation.