Our Core Values

Trust: Trust is the foundation of high performance within our organization. By trusting one another we build loyalty and encourage teams to work together for a common goal.

Passion : We really love what we do and we love why we do it even more. The foundation of what we do at Condev is not a construction, it is people.

Family and Community:  We aim to touch all our staff and family on a personal level through co-curricular activities and community involvement. Our contributions to the community aim to make a difference for generations to come while improving family environments outside of the office along the way.

Australian Spirit: Everything we do has the Australian spirit behind it. We embrace freedom of choice, encourage the outdoors and support the local community while having a good time along the way.

Adaptable to Change: We encourage our staff to always progress and succeed which continuously offers opportunity and growth. As markets and the industry change, so do we.