St Hilda’s Project Completion


We are excited to announce construction at St Hilda’s College has reached practical completion.

The refurbishment included converting the old School library from a dark gloomy environment to a new light filled funky Art Studio and Media Lab. By grinding back the existing concrete floor to expose the natural riverstone, presented a clean and functional studio environment. Every part has been beautiful designed to cater for children’s creative learning, including an art gallery.

The new stem building comprised of architecturally designed year six classrooms within infrastructure built to support new technologies such as 3D printing and laser cutting machines. Building incorporated 4 classrooms with tiered seating down to the school oval, common areas with staff kitchenette and storage facilities all a great working space highlighting the exposed elements of the build with structural steel and air – commission left as visual aspects to allow the students to understand the makeup of the build.

In partnership with St Hilda’s College, a job well done to the team this project is a new benchmark for innovative educational facilities.